Lawn Bowls and Water Lilies

On February 4, 2012 the installation of Lawn Bowls was celebrated in a public event that brought together kids all of ages, the mayor and councilpersons, lawn bowlers and friends and family. For the Palo Alto Art Center On the Road program I created with the help of hundreds of volunteers Lawn Bowls, made from yes, 10,000 single-use plastic bags. Sixteen bowls and a “jack” or target ball were arranged on the lawn adjacent to the Palo Alto Lawn Bowls Club. The balls appear as a game in progress- as if some giant players had just left the scene. The colorful balls are an example of a beautiful and playful reuse of what might otherwise be trash or maybe (hopefully) recycled.


Water Lilies was a site -specific project commissioned by the Palo Alto Art Center in 2012. It “opened” for Earth Day in the Baylands Park and was in place all summer. It was an eye-dazzling installation that was especially surprising to hikers and bikers who were not expecting to see such an apparition floating in such an unlikely place. It was a time-intensive project that took several months to complete because the single -use bottles had to be collected, cleaned, and dried then attached to a mesh armature. Fortunately, the  Palo Alto Art Center provided me with a fine group of studio assistants for the construction and the installation.

Thanks to Joel Bartlett for these stunning photos of Water Lilies.


Here is a two-minute video of the creation and installation:

The story of Water Lilies and Lawn Bowls lives on in these recently completed short videos about the projects.



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