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2019 Gift from the Sea, Kehoe Beach

2018 Modern Verse

2014 Navigate at the San Francisco Public Library

2005 The Ocean Says 

When I gaze out into the vastness of the ocean I hear see a story that has been going on since the beginning of time and even before that… so in response to the theme for California Current in 2005, I wanted to create a book that would tell of that eternal and elemental.

My husband is an avid listener to books on tape. He enjoys the voice and appreciates the cadence of the spoken word. He has a long commute so he is able to have an uninterrupted listen. I often find him in the driveway still seated in his car finishing off the last chapter of a book.

My commute goes in fits and starts and besides I do not have an attentive mind for folllowing the words. I tend to drift off from the story only to find myself lost or somehwere else. For me the perfect audio book is one with no beginning and no end; a continuous and melodic narrative. Hence, my book, the ocean says…is a musing on the auditory power of the sea. And, when you listen, you can’t lose your place.


Ocean Says- lift and listen

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1970 Happy Day You, Grossman Publishers, NYC

It was in Contemplation of Being, a philosophy seminar, that I encountered the mind-bending questions of Zen Buddhism. I was intrigued by the idea of the koan as a question or as a statement the meaning of which could not be understood by rational thinking but may be accessible through intuition. After an intensive weekend reading for the class, in a flash of creative insight, I understood the structure and inner workings of the koan and made ones of my own- with words and images that became my book Happy Day You  published in 1970 by Grossman Publishers, New York.