Modern Verse


When the spine on my beloved Pocket of Book of Modern Verse finally gave up the ghost, by then most of the pages were already dog-eared and tattered, I decided instead of tossing it away, I would transform the well worn into a new form.

Word by word with transparent tape I carefully lifted the ink from the page. The lines of tape now run in long strands that spill from the open book and fall in a chorus waterfall of words. It is now to the viewer/reader to decipher the palimpsest of meanings; to read and write their own poetic musings.

Senator Scott Weiner is hosting an outstanding exhibition “Advanced” curated by Joesph Abbati who brought together a remarkable group of artists — 55+ years, older and wiser. So pleased to have Modern Verse on display in the State of California Building in San Francisco.

Advanced2 IMG_2585Advanced IMG_1544

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